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Scents: The Beauty Enhancers

Taruna Soapery || Scents: The Beauty Enhancers

Stress is the biggest culprit of Beauty. When we are stress-free, we have enlightened spirits, natural glow on face and also a thousand times enhanced beauty. Scents play scientific role in calming and energizing the otherwise, stress prone nervous system. Hence, Scents freshens up the mood and provide enchanting beauty to face and personality. Furthermore, we not only feel confident than usual, but also gains appreciation, cooperation and love among our friends, peers and family.

4 Key Types of Scents

As per the concept of Fragrance wheel: Floral, Oriental, Fresh, Woody are 4 key basic types of olfactive families of scents. Masculine, Green and Fruity are further types of Fresh family. While Sweet is combination of Floral and Fruity families, the Spicy is the blend of Floral & Oriental families.

The Scent of You

Scientifically these, Floral, Oriental, Fresh, and Woody, are 4 olfactory res-ponders, we have in our brain. We find tranquility in any of these scent families and always get attracted to that scent again and again. Consequently, we start looking for same kind of scent each time we go for shopping. Yes, we may like more than one fragrances, but we use that scent, in which we get most compliments. The reason of compliment is not only the great scent but the special scent created as a result of mixing with your body odor. And this is the Scent of You.

Importance of Scented Handmade Soap

On regular bathing with our scented handmade soap for 7-10 days, you do not have to apply moisturiser or deodorants anymore. The high quality scents stay on your skin for most of the day and creates a special body odor, which we call Signature Scent. People start recognizing you with the pleasant aroma around you. Also, the Perfumed organic soap gives additional benefit of body cleansing and moisturized skin all day long. It is because of the chemical free soap quality that helps you in staying naturally radiant and fragrant all day long.

Categorising the Scents @

  1. Floral Family Scents are Amethyst, Black Amber, Cherry Blossom, English Rose, Lavender, Lilac, Lotus Premium, Moon Stone, Rose Hip & Jasmine, Sweet Peas, Tobacco and Bay leaf fragrance, Turquoise.
  2. Fresh Family Scents are Baby Powder, Calamine, Fresh Snow, Shave & Hair.
  3. Fruity Family Scents are Blackberry, Jade, Lemon, Oman Orange, Strawberry.
  4. Green Family Scents are Tea Tree.
  5. Masculine Scents are Drakkar, Rustic Wood & Rum, Scotch, Spiced Mahagony.
  6. The Sweet Scents are Chocolate, Coconut Cream, Coffee, Coco Butter, Vanilla.
  7. The Spicy Scents are Bay Rum, Cool Blue, Spiced Red Tea.
  8. The Woody Family Scents are Cedar & Amber, Indian Sandalwood.


So, ideally you must try all the scents and then choose to stick to one. Maybe, you can keep one for each occasion. Likewise at home you can wear one scent, at office another and then the most noteworthy special ones for the special evenings.

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