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Rose Petals Lotion Bar


All weather lotion bar, safely locks the moisture, give protective covering on skin and  fragrants all round the day.Specially effect on dry elbow and knees.


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Rose Petals Lotion Bar, is all weather lotion bar, which safely locks the moisture in skin. Hence, Rose Petals Lotion Bar not only, give protective covering on skin, but also fragrant all round the day.  It is very unique and stylish way to use the moisturiser in the form of bar.

Rose Petals Lotion Bar is specially effective on dry elbow and knees. Since, these parts of body are used a lot and keep getting rubbed, even, to clothes we are wearing, hence the skin of elbow and knee turns darker than rest of body.

Health Benefit:

Regular use of lotion bar helps in softening and restoring natural complexion of skin in the elbow and the knee.


For All Men, Women, Kids. The lotion bars becomes whole family’s favourite when you start using it.

Scent Type:

Rose scent type is Floral, and has traditional Rose Scent. The fragrance oil is derived from natural resources.


Rose Petals Lotion Bar is 100% handmade contains coco butter, sweet almond oil, pink rose petals, natural bee wax, and Brambleberry Rose fragrance oil. No colours added strictly.

Shelf Life:

Taruna Soapery handmade Lotion Bars are best before 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Important Points:

1. As the product is handmade and hand-cut, hence, each lotion bar may vary negligible, in size; weight and pattern.

2. The colour of buds and scent may vary if kept in direct sun.

3.  It is very convenient to store and manage, lotion bars. It slips easily to your toiletry kit while travelling or your gym bag.

4. Suitable for both Skin and Face.

5. The handmade lotion bar is for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

6. Our lotion bars are richly creamy due to our specially formulated recipe. Rub it gently on skin. Less is More here.

Weight42 g
Dimensions550 × 300 mm


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