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Organic Cotton Face Mask & Anti-bacterial Soap Kit (1 Soap + 3 Mask)


Organic Cotton Face Mask & Anti-bacterial Soap Kit (1 Soap + 3 Mask). Organic Face mask made of 100% cotton fabric, reusable mask with pocket for extra filter, mouth mask, reusable adult face mask.


This kit is best for personal hygeine and safety. It will contain 1 Anti-bacterial soap from our soaps collection. These handmade, breathable, 100% cotton organic protective masks have a filtering layer and they are reusable. Suitable for washing up to 60 degrees. Adjustable strips make the mask fit any size. It can be tied on the back of your head or behind your ears. This is not a medically approved item of PPE. The mask is not returnable/refundable for hygiene reasons.

  • made with pure cotton
  • adjustable
  • fit comfortably
  • universal size
  • washable

The Need For Face Masks:

As coronavirus continues to spread, the biggest fear for medical professionals is a lack of personal protective equipment. Taruna Soapery face masks are not intended to replace the medical grade N95 masks, but since the disease spreads by respiratory droplets, they are still a barrier for those exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 or medical professionals attending to sick patients. MHA says that when no face masks are available, healthcare professionals should use homemade masks when treating patients with Covid-19. For those who are not healthcare providers, our face masks are an alternative that won’t reduce the availability of the medical-grade N95 face masks for those who need them most.

How To Wear:

    • Your mask should fit snuggly, but comfortably against your face.
    • Make sure your ear loops are secure
    • You mask should allow for breathing without restriction.
    • If worn for long periods of time, replace and/or wash your mask every 3 hours.


Wash after each use. Do not touch your face while wearing mask. Wash your hands before and after using mask. Machine wash hot, dry on high heat. If you are only able to wash by hand, do so with hot water and lather with soap for 20 seconds.

Weight130 g
Dimensions180 × 180 × 95 mm


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