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Charcoal & Tea Tree Scented Soap


Scent of Exotic Skin Care
Charcoal with Tea Tree Essential Oil Soap is well suited for the acne prone skin. Activated Charcoal squeezes out dirt and pollution leaving the skin fresh and healthy. The energetic natural campherous odour of Tea Tree Essential Oil excites the mind and gives positive creative thoughts.


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Charcoal & Tea Tree Scented Soap, handcrafted for whole family, has the energetic natural campherous odour of Tea Tree Essential Oil which excites the mind and gives positive creative thoughts. The fragrance suites well on all male as well as female members. It is ideal fragrance for kids, adults and youngsters, also.


Charcoal & Tea Tree Scented Soap is 100% handmade soap with soapy twist organic goat milk and glycerine base;   fragrance oil from brambleberry; and skin safe approved colors from my mica obsession.

Charcoal & Tea Tree scented soap has authentic Tea Tree scent notes. The essential oil is derived from natural resources. All essential oils have medicated effect on skin and underlying tissues.

The colour pattern is fantasy and creativity of Ms Taruna Jain. The mystique pattern and combination of colors helps in making your bathing experience more engaging and refreshing.

Shelf Life:

Taruna Soapery handmade soaps are best before 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Number of Washes:

The 100 gm soap bar lasts up-to 110 washes, when handled with care. In the case of wet conditions, it will keep dissolving of its own and cannot be predicted. Hence, the number of washes is subject to soap handling.

Safe to Use:

Charcoal & Tea Tree Scented Soap, handcrafted for luxury bathing experience, is safe, even if, you wash face with it, or by chance, it touches the scalp hair. Hence, the mild, chemical-free goat milk and glycerine base of our handmade soaps is safe not only on skin, but also on face and hair.

Important Points:

  1. As the product is handmade and hand-cut, hence, each soap may vary negligible, in size; weight and pattern.
  2. The color and scent may vary if kept in direct sun.
  3. Although the scents have category, still many clients have personal preferences for scents and may choose scents from other categories too. For instance, the scents for kids may be liked by elderly clientele, too. Scents for men are liked by women, also. The coconut cream, coffee fresh beans scents are equally popular among women and men. The family scents goes for everyone young, old, men, or women individuals.
  4. The handmade soap is for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.
  5. Our soaps produce a rich, creamy, bubbly lather due to our specially formulated recipe. Less is More here.
  6. Our soaps are natural and gentle. Natural Fragrance oils scent helps in uplifting; calming and moisturizing irritated polluted skin. On regular use helps to relieve dry skin, reduce scars, minimize wrinkles and is also known to comfort skin rashes, prickly heat, itching.
  7. Our soaps have chemical-free base and safe to use for Hair, Skin, and Face. Still, if you find any trouble, stop the use, rinse your skin and see your family physician immediately.
Weight120 g
Dimensions60 × 70 × 22 mm


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