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Handmade Soaps vs Commercial Soaps: All About Pampering Self

Handmade Soaps vs Commercial Soaps: All About Pampering Self || Taruna Soapery

There has been an abundant text on benefits of handmade soap and harms of commercial soaps.The handmade soaps community claims that these are superior over commercial soaps because of benefits on skin. But is there really a difference. And if the commercial soaps are so harmful then why are they available easily on all the shop shelves. Although, the two categories are judged based on skin safety and the feel, but the real difference is due to kind of “soap base” used.

Soap Bases

Here, we evaluate Handmade Soap and Commercial Soaps based on Organic and Inorganic ingredients ratio. So, simple definition of organic handmade soaps is that they have higher ratio of organic (natural or herbal) ingredients, over inorganic (chemical or synthetic) ingredients.

Organic Ingredients

Organic or naturally occurring ingredients mainly include: coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, olive oil, almond oil, safflower oil, oat protein, glycerin, goat’s milk, and water. Other than goat’s milk, aloe vera, turmeric, clay, shea butter, and honey etc are also used as bases.

Inorganic Ingredients

On the other hand, the inorganic or chemical or synthetically made ingredients mainly include: sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, propylene glycol, sorbitan oleate, and titanium dioxide.

Handmade soaps have organic bases and ratio of Organic ingredients are much higher. These contain no preservatives and hence have short shelf life. If you have noticed the color change in your handmade soap, after sometime.

Commercial soaps have only 100% inorganic bases

  1. No glycerin. It gives cost advantage.  And that’s why these bars cost so less.
  2. Lots of preservatives and hardening agents to increase the shelf life. The soap bar looks same even after 3 years.
  3. Harsh detergents. It is for stain removals. People working in garages, factories, transportation, painters, and other mechanical works benefit a lot, as these soap bars are cheap and removes all stains of grease and paint easily from hands and skin.
  4. Hence, because of synthetic base, the mass production of the commercial soap bars is possible and comes very economical, almost one tenth the cost of the handmade soap bar.

Handmade Soaps have upto 70% organic bases

  1. Plant based oils. It makes it SLS free or Chemical free and hence balances the skin pH, i.e. it treats your skin gently and exfoliates dead skin along with polishing. Consequently, this gives you smooth and radiant skin.
  2. Contains glycerin. Even though this increases the cost of bar, but also preserves the natural moisture of skin.
  3. No preservatives and hardening agents. Hence gentle on skin. Mass production is not possible. Has to be handcrafted with utmost care and delication. Another reason, why all handmade soap bars weigh different.
  4. Hence, no handmade soap base can be 100% organic, otherwise it will not be able to produce lather and will not have cleansing benefits. But the ratio of organic part decides the superior health benefits and justify the higher cost.

Importance of Scented Handmade Soap

Therefore, the Perfumed organic soap gives dual benefit of body cleansing with chemical free soap quality and mind relaxation. It helps you in staying naturally radiant and fragrant all day long. On regular bathing with scented handmade soap for 7-10 days, you do not have to apply moisturiser or deodorants anymore.


The choice of handmade soap bars is obvious for all the people, working in comfort of air conditioned offices and having taste for life. Here, its not about removing stains from skin and body but to pamper oneself to enhance the personality and thoughts with the softness and delicacy of handmade soap bars.Natural soaps are unique and special and make you feel unique and special.

Scents: The Beauty Enhancers

Taruna Soapery || Scents: The Beauty Enhancers

Stress is the biggest culprit of Beauty. When we are stress-free, we have enlightened spirits, natural glow on face and also a thousand times enhanced beauty. Scents play scientific role in calming and energizing the otherwise, stress prone nervous system. Hence, Scents freshens up the mood and provide enchanting beauty to face and personality. Furthermore, we not only feel confident than usual, but also gains appreciation, cooperation and love among our friends, peers and family.

4 Key Types of Scents

As per the concept of Fragrance wheel: Floral, Oriental, Fresh, Woody are 4 key basic types of olfactive families of scents. Masculine, Green and Fruity are further types of Fresh family. While Sweet is combination of Floral and Fruity families, the Spicy is the blend of Floral & Oriental families.

The Scent of You

Scientifically these, Floral, Oriental, Fresh, and Woody, are 4 olfactory res-ponders, we have in our brain. We find tranquility in any of these scent families and always get attracted to that scent again and again. Consequently, we start looking for same kind of scent each time we go for shopping. Yes, we may like more than one fragrances, but we use that scent, in which we get most compliments. The reason of compliment is not only the great scent but the special scent created as a result of mixing with your body odor. And this is the Scent of You.

Importance of Scented Handmade Soap

On regular bathing with our scented handmade soap for 7-10 days, you do not have to apply moisturiser or deodorants anymore. The high quality scents stay on your skin for most of the day and creates a special body odor, which we call Signature Scent. People start recognizing you with the pleasant aroma around you. Also, the Perfumed organic soap gives additional benefit of body cleansing and moisturized skin all day long. It is because of the chemical free soap quality that helps you in staying naturally radiant and fragrant all day long.

Categorising the Scents @

  1. Floral Family Scents are Amethyst, Black Amber, Cherry Blossom, English Rose, Lavender, Lilac, Lotus Premium, Moon Stone, Rose Hip & Jasmine, Sweet Peas, Tobacco and Bay leaf fragrance, Turquoise.
  2. Fresh Family Scents are Baby Powder, Calamine, Fresh Snow, Shave & Hair.
  3. Fruity Family Scents are Blackberry, Jade, Lemon, Oman Orange, Strawberry.
  4. Green Family Scents are Tea Tree.
  5. Masculine Scents are Drakkar, Rustic Wood & Rum, Scotch, Spiced Mahagony.
  6. The Sweet Scents are Chocolate, Coconut Cream, Coffee, Coco Butter, Vanilla.
  7. The Spicy Scents are Bay Rum, Cool Blue, Spiced Red Tea.
  8. The Woody Family Scents are Cedar & Amber, Indian Sandalwood.


So, ideally you must try all the scents and then choose to stick to one. Maybe, you can keep one for each occasion. Likewise at home you can wear one scent, at office another and then the most noteworthy special ones for the special evenings.

Bathing : An Important Affair

Taruna Soapery || Bathing : An Important Affair

Historical Importance

To Focus is to Meditate. When we focus on different body parts while bathing, our mind comes in present, which is a passive rest to our thoughts. In ancient times lot of bathing techniques have been derived to calm the mind and hence glorify the beauty. Cleopatra bath, Hamams, Roman Baths Thermae etc. have been popular examples to enhance beauty.

Besides all the bathing supplies most importantly is our hands, used for touching and rubbing; temperature of water; quality of soap and the fragrant indulging environment. All this together has soothing and calming effect on mind, body and soul.

4 Key steps of bathing, for maximum benefit

First of all, soak or shower your body in water that shall be 35-37 degree Celsius warm which is equal to normal human body temperature. Because at this temperature skin has active blood flow, radiance and active absorption. Therefore, please be very conscious of the product that you shall apply immediately on this bare skin. Hence choose the best toiletry.

Slightly wet the soap and with a feather touch create lather. Please do not rub- hard the soap bar and do not try to create unwanted large foamy lather. We just have to gently create basic lather and rub it on all body evenly. The good handmade soaps create sufficient lather on feather touch. Low quality soap needs effort to create foams and is equally harmful to body. Remember that the skin pours are open and will absorb whatever you will apply on them.

Soak the loofah in water and apply mild soap to it and rub it all over the body gently in circular motion. Even if your are short of time, still rub each body part twice.

Finally, rinse yourself with same warm water and dry with soft cotton towel. This entire bathing shall not take more than 7-9 minutes, including drying time.

Importance of Scented Handmade Soap

Therefore, the Perfumed organic soap gives dual benefit of body cleansing with chemical free soap quality and mind relaxation. It helps you in staying naturally radiant and fragrant all day long. On regular bathing with scented handmade soap for 7-10 days, you do not have to apply moisturiser or deodorants anymore.


Hence, we can say that choosing scented handmade soap for regular bathing is the modern version of Cleopatra Bath Beauty Secret at home.