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Bathing : An Important Affair

Taruna Soapery || Bathing : An Important Affair

Historical Importance

To Focus is to Meditate. When we focus on different body parts while bathing, our mind comes in present, which is a passive rest to our thoughts. In ancient times lot of bathing techniques have been derived to calm the mind and hence glorify the beauty. Cleopatra bath, Hamams, Roman Baths Thermae etc. have been popular examples to enhance beauty.

Besides all the bathing supplies most importantly is our hands, used for touching and rubbing; temperature of water; quality of soap and the fragrant indulging environment. All this together has soothing and calming effect on mind, body and soul.

4 Key steps of bathing, for maximum benefit

First of all, soak or shower your body in water that shall be 35-37 degree Celsius warm which is equal to normal human body temperature. Because at this temperature skin has active blood flow, radiance and active absorption. Therefore, please be very conscious of the product that you shall apply immediately on this bare skin. Hence choose the best toiletry.

Slightly wet the soap and with a feather touch create lather. Please do not rub- hard the soap bar and do not try to create unwanted large foamy lather. We just have to gently create basic lather and rub it on all body evenly. The good handmade soaps create sufficient lather on feather touch. Low quality soap needs effort to create foams and is equally harmful to body. Remember that the skin pours are open and will absorb whatever you will apply on them.

Soak the loofah in water and apply mild soap to it and rub it all over the body gently in circular motion. Even if your are short of time, still rub each body part twice.

Finally, rinse yourself with same warm water and dry with soft cotton towel. This entire bathing shall not take more than 7-9 minutes, including drying time.

Importance of Scented Handmade Soap

Therefore, the Perfumed organic soap gives dual benefit of body cleansing with chemical free soap quality and mind relaxation. It helps you in staying naturally radiant and fragrant all day long. On regular bathing with scented handmade soap for 7-10 days, you do not have to apply moisturiser or deodorants anymore.


Hence, we can say that choosing scented handmade soap for regular bathing is the modern version of Cleopatra Bath Beauty Secret at home.

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